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Whether you’re a new business in need of start-up services, or an established company with years of experience, we offer a wide range of services tailored to your specific situation.
A brief outline of our available services is listed below.

What We Do


Start – Up Services

  • Analyze entire financial picture
    • Set up monthly personal budget
    • Analyze current investments
    • Review all insurance policies (home, auto, life, health, disability and commercial); Revise/update as necessary.
  • Set up filing system for bill pay & receivables, legal documents, tax purposes
  • Analyze current business plan / corporate set up and adapt as necessary
  • Review/update wills and Power of Attorney with estate attorney

Monthly Services

  • Bill Pay (check accuracy and timely payment of all household, business and personal bills)
  • Invoice Label / Publisher as necessary
  • Manage cash flow (personal and corporate)
  • Tour budgeting, projections vs. actuals
  • Set up personal budget and review monthly  (income vs. expenses)
  • Tracking / Analysis of Investments (stocks, bonds, annuities, IRAs, etc.)
  • Banking deposits, transfers, loans, reconciling.
  • Filing all bills, tax documents, paperwork, royalty statements etc.
  • Quarterly Financial Statements
  • Receive, record and deposit all checks
  • Quarterly song comparisons BMI / ASCAP

Ongoing and Yearly Services

  • Tax prep work (actual return prepared by CPA) / Make estimated payments
  • Asset Acquisitions (purchasing homes, land, auto, studios, etc.)
  • Asset Liquidation (selling homes, land, auto, studios, etc.)
  • Guidance on tax implication, (work with CPA) cash position, and how it affects overall financial picture
  • Business Venture Analysis
  • Catalog Sale Guidance
  • Publishing Deal Guidance
  • Publisher / Attorney / Accountant / Insurance – Meetings
  • Negotiating financial agreements with booking agents, promoters and vendors
  • Reviewing and verifying global box office and merchandise settlements
  • Royalty audits conducted on an ongoing basis
  • Tax prep-work; return prepared by CPA